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15 May 2017

Equity release from property used for future retirement income

Housing wealth in England of £1.8 trillion can be accessed with equity release and used by an aging population to fund retirement.

27 Mar 2017

Equity release record levels as people unlock value from their homes

Amounts of equity released from homes reached £1.24 billion in the second half of 2016 a record level of wealth that continues to growth.

28 Oct 2016

Lenders increase upper age limits for older mortgage borrowers

Mortgage age limits for older borrowers increase from age 75 and over due to changing demographics and people working longer.

27 Oct 2016

Older borrowers remain asset-rich with lower mortgage debt

Data from the CML has revealed older borrowers have higher levels of equity to debt with repayment rather than interest only mortgages.

27 Sep 2016

Equity release buyers have more choice and lower interest rates

Growing competition from lenders has seen more flexibility and choice for consumers and lower interest rates, says Moneyfacts.

17 Aug 2016

Equity release lending to buyers exceeds £0.5 billion for first time

Homeowners have used equity release to withdraw a record £8.2 million of housing wealth per day or £0.5 billion each quarter.

21 Apr 2016

Homeowners use equity release to unlock £393 million from their property in 2016

The Equity Release Council reports biggest quarter for homeowners borrowing from their property with £393 million of mortgages.

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