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27 Oct 2016

Older borrowers remain asset-rich with lower mortgage debt

Data from the CML has revealed older borrowers have higher levels of equity to debt with repayment rather than interest only mortgages.

27 Oct 2015

Interest only mortgages are making a return but only for the wealthy

As house prices rise Lenders have reintroduced interest only mortgages accessed only by wealthy homeowners with large amounts of equity.

29 Sep 2015

One million homeowners are unable to repay their interest only mortgages

Citizen Advice has warned that one million mortgage holders have no plan on how to repay and could face repossession.

25 Sep 2015

Buy-to-let boom is next threat to financial stability says Bank of England

UK buy-to-let landlords are at risk to booms and busts that could magnify a housing market crash the Financial Policy Committee warns.

06 Jul 2015

Virgin Money changes lending rules for buy-to-let mortgages

Buy-to-let landlords will be restricted to only four properties and a lower £2 million maximum portfolio size.

02 Jul 2015

Buy-to-let market may pose a threat to financial stability, says Bank of England

The booming buy-to-let market and ease investors can secure mortgage loans could undermine the UK economy when interest rates rise.

25 Apr 2015

Buy-to-let mortgage rates fall as pension freedoms drive rise in cheap deals

New pension freedoms have increased the number of buy-to-let mortgages reducing the cost with new cheap deals.

10 Nov 2014

Buy-to-let landlords to own £1 trillion of property value by 2015

A report by lender Kent Reliance shows the value of buy-to-let property owned by landlords is at £930.7 billion increasing 13.3% in the last year.

19 Aug 2013

Interest only mortgages making a comeback

A year after interest only mortgages were criticised by the regulator two banks are plan a comeback.

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