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21 Jun 2017

Home sales fall in 82% of towns with worst in London and South East

The number of property sales were -7% lower during 2016 with the majority of towns in England and Wales decreasing.

15 Jun 2017

Overseas investors buy London new build homes aimed at first time buyers

Research for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan shows first time buyers in the capital are losing out to overseas investors acquiring property.

13 Jun 2017

Houses prices rebound despite property market slowdown

Despite the property market slowing down this year house prices have unexpectedly rebounded including expensive London.

25 May 2017

House price growth in London slowest for 5 years in city rankings

Manchester house price growth leads the UK while there is a material slowdown in the most unaffordable cities such as London.

16 May 2017

New build house prices fall 7% in England for the month

Prices of new build properties have reduced by -7% as price inflation has eased and housing market activity is subdued across the country.

11 Apr 2017

London property prices fall with sharp slowdown over a year

Property price growth in London have reduced and is now 3.7% over the year in contrast to a rise in prices on average in the country.

07 Apr 2017

Annual house price growth is lowest for four years, says Halifax

Growth in house prices is at the lowest rate since May 2013 and more than halving over the year with no growth in the last month.

21 Mar 2017

House price growth falls despite demand outmatching supply

The rate of house price growth has reduced to 6.2% in a year even though moderate UK demand continues to exceed supply.

13 Mar 2017

Homeowners earn more from property than jobs in a third of UK areas

House prices outpace homeowner earnings in 119 local areas over past two years with majority located in the southern England.

24 Feb 2017

London house price growth drops to eighth in city rankings

Hometrack data shows London with the slowest rate of growth for four years and the fastest house price rise is now from regional cities.

22 Feb 2017

London home buyer loans down 5% in the fourth quarter 2016

Home buyer borrowing in London reduces 5% or £310 million in the final quarter of 2016 continuing the downward trend for the capital.

14 Feb 2017

Annual house price rise in East of England leading the market

House prices in the East of England remain strong up 11% over the year despite a slowdown in property sales across the country.

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