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17 Nov 2016

Mortgage costs reach historic low point for September

The cost of a mortgage as a proportion of household income has reached an historic low although there is no increase in house purchase activity.

15 Nov 2016

New build house price growth remains higher than existing homes

Figures from the ONS show the growth in houses prices over the year for new builds is more than double that of existing homes.

07 Nov 2016

House prices flat with less demand and affordability concerns

The latest index from the Nationwide shows no change in house prices as demand remains subdued as a home purchase is less affordable.

29 Oct 2016

Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme ended by the government

The government has closed the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme that has helped 86,341 first timer buyers on to the housing market.

18 Oct 2016

UK house prices are stable as homes sales fall by third over the year

House prices in the UK are up over the year and remain stable as the number of sales completed have dropped by up to a third.

12 Oct 2016

Mortgage lenders penalise one in six families with childcare costs

One in six families have been offered a smaller mortgage from a lender due to their childcare costs adding to parents stress and anxiety.

07 Oct 2016

Annual house price growth slows to lowest level for three years

The growth rate for homes has slowed to 5.8% a year the slowest rate since August 2013 according to the Halifax house price index.

21 Sep 2016

Luxury London property prices to fall 9% in the next year

Prices for luxury homes in London are expected to fall by 9% in a year due to stamp duty tax and EU referendum, says Savills.

07 Sep 2016

Parents will pay £53,000 more for a home to live near a top school

The average price of £366,744 for properties closest to the UK’s top thirty schools is £53,426 more than the average for the country.

07 Sep 2016

Homeowners optimistic they can own their long-term family home

The latest report from Lloyds shows homeowners are now more optimistic that they will own their long-term home in two more moves.

14 Aug 2016

How will the Bank of England interest rate cut will affect your mortgage

The Bank of England has reduced interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% but will your mortgage benefit from the decrease?

14 Jul 2016

New buyer enquiries fall to lowest level since 2008, says surveyors Rics

Rics June survey has shown a significant decline in the number of new buyers as uncertainty remains after the EU referendum.

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